Thursday, July 23, 2015

What do Angels Look Like? Who are Angels?


Angel is derived from the Greek word “angelos” or Latin word “angelus” which means messenger. The matching Hebrew word “mal'ak” has the same meaning. Angels are defined as supernatural or spirit beings that act as mediators between heaven and earth. Angels are The Creator's Messengers; they carry our prayers to and from The Creator as well as guide us throughout our lives.

Angels are divided into choirs which gives them rankings. The division into Choirs does not mean that they are rated as being better angels than the other, it only states what responsibilities they carry. We will talk about The Choirs of Angels in a later lecture.

Angels protect and guide us in our times of need. They hold pure and positive intentions and would never hurt a human being nor tell them to hurt themselves or another person. 

This is a good question for there is many different outlooks on what angels look like.
In The Bible, it describes angels as having many eyes and many sets of wings. It also describes angels as having 4 ox, a lion, a man and an eagle.
So if The Bible describes angels with such a chilling description, why are they always painted with such beauty and with one set of gorgeous flowing wings?
Why was the first words that the angels spoke “Do Not Be Afraid.” when they showed themselves to those in The Bible?
I believe angels show themselves to us with whatever will not frighten us. They can show themselves as loved ones bringing healing messages, an animal, or a beautiful lighted being. I believe whatever brings us peace in our heart, mind, body and soul, is how angels will physically show themselves to us.

A famous Artist was painting and saw an angel one evening. He saw the bright light that surrounded the spiritual being. As the light was shining around his head, it looked like a circle. This is where the halo was born...Although they portray the angels with a halo, It is actually the divine light that surrounds them.

As for the wings...I am not sure if angels have wings or not. Some have said they have had spiritual experiences where the angels had wings and some say they did not have wings. I know when I see them, they have wings. This does not create the fact of whether they do or they do not. We must be sure whether we are seeing an angel or a spirit guide for from what I understand, spirit guides will not have wings...

Although Angels can take on the form of a human being, they do not have physical bodies like Jesus did. They were made for and by The Creator to deliver His messages to us here on Earth while forming a bridge between Earth and Heaven. Angels never lived a human life...being created in spirit, they will remain in spirit. This is the difference between Spirit Guides and Angels,
Spirit Guides have lived a human life before..most likely, many of them while angels have not.

I truly believe that how we are comfortable seeing Angels... and how we envision them, is how they will show themselves to us. They do not want to scare us...only guide us and bring pure divine love and guidance into our lives.

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