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Hypnosis, Spiritual Guidance and Life Coaching

Professional Services
(most services available online via video as well as in-person)
Picture Spiritual Healing and Guidance
Angel Art Readings (personal and group sessions)
Tarot Card Readings (personal and group sessions)
Past Life Regression (Hypnosis)
Meeting your Spirit Guides/Angels
Spiritual Education & Psychic Awareness Coaching and Workshops
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Picture Hypnosis Sessions

Hypnosis is a natural therapeutic process that allows behavior modification with the use of post-hypnotic suggestions, metaphors and imagery.

With that said, your subconscious mind is reached through these suggestions allowing the conscious mind to rest while the subconscious mind dos all of the work. Hypnosis is not a supernatural method.

PictureLife and Career Coaching 

Career Changes- Finding your passion in your career and being successful
Life Changes- from career and home to grief counseling
Life Improvement -  Create your dreams and make them your destiny!

Spirituality - Find your true self and gain inner peace
Domestic Violence Counseling and Chronic Pain Support (RSD)
 Groups/Seminars - Motivational Speaking for your employees, organization or business.

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