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Understanding Tarot Symbols - Tarot Reading Mini Blog Course Part 4

 READING TAROT CARDSTarot cards connect to our inner selves. They're rich images speak to our subconscious, triggering emotions and feelings hidden deep within us.

When you see tarot cards for the first time, you'll probably wonder how such small cards can contain so much information. How do tarot readers remember everything – especially when many cards look virtually the same?

The images on tarot cards act as visual clues to their meanings. The key to reading tarot is not learning the meanings for all 78 cards, but "feeling" your way through what each card says to you at that specific time. When you first see a tarot card, take a minute to look at it closely. What do you think it is telling you? Your first gas may be closer to the true meaning than you think!

Look at the images on tarot cards. Whether people they show are happy or sad, or the sky is sunny or cloudy, can give you instant insight into the messages. The cards have for you.

If you have seen tarot decks for, or even have a set of cards are ready, you may notice that they come in many different styles. Images from one deck can seem to have little in common with those from another. The answers are in the detail. Look at the cards more closely, however, and you'll find more similarities than are initially apparent. Every deck contains the same 78 cards, and once you fully understand tarot, you'll be able to read any deck – not just the one you learned with.

For example, the hermit may be an old monk or young shaman, but is always a spiritual figure who carries a lamp – signifying the light of his individuality, shining out.
Learn to understand how each image is designed rather than memorizi
ng specific pictures and you'll find that reading your cards comes quickly and easily.

Note image on a tarot card has been placed there by accident. Every symbol, including letters and numbers, is telling you something special.
Most tarot cards have a number as well, simply as a guide to the cards. Placed in a sequence, these numbers have magical significance of their own.
The Elements

Earth, air, fire and water feature prominently in many tarot cards, as does the weather. All of these have their own symbolic meanings.
Tarot cards often contain objects such as cups or swords. These have specific meanings that we will explain to you and a future blog posts.
People on tarot cards are rarely standing still. Their actions also give you clues to the cards meaning – is the person coming or going, laughing or crying, working hard, or resting?
The People's expressions are another clue. If they are surrounded by wealth do they look happy, smug, or bored? Are they hoarding money or sharing it?

Main Picture
The image that takes up most of the tarot card is where much of the symbolism can be found, but it may be hidden deep in the background detail.


Some tarot cards at the name of the card written on them. This is really just to help you remember which card is, although obviously terms such as "hermit" or "the lovers" immediately conjures up the source of meanings of the cards in our minds!

Many tarot cards contain images of people. This can give you clues as to the kind of people who will influence your life. A mature woman may represent a mother or a teacher. A traveler and foreign close may mean a visitor is about to call.

Not all tarot cards carry as many visual clues as others. On some, the meanings are hidden – allowing the tarot reader to hold "secret" knowledge that only they can reveal. This is most apparent in traditional decks, in which 56 of the 78 cards resemble a pack of playing cards, comprising four "suits" – cups (hearts), swords (spades), wands (clubs) and pentacles (diamonds). These cards are known as the minor Arcana.

SECRET KNOWLEDGETo decipher the meaning of these cards the reader needs to know the magical symbolism of the objects, and also a little about the magical power of numbers.
There are no obvious visual clues.

In the early 20th century, artists, Pamela Coleman Smith Incorporated the minor Arcana symbols into elaborate pictures – more like the major Arcana cards. These visual clues, first used on the Rider-Waite Deck, made carry it easier for less experienced readers.

Take your time, relax and meditate before reading your cards, and you will do great. It takes time to learning everything so be patient with yourself.

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