Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to Let Go of the Past and Forgive Someone That Hurt You


"Forgiveness is letting go of the hope that the past could be any different" Iylanla Vanzant

Why do things happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? No one knows why there are good people that get sick or why the psychotic murderers gets to live... we never will either.
When we begin to look at struggles in our lives as lessons... and turn them into strength... it is easier to understand why things happen in our lives.

When we stop saying "why me?" and start thinking "what is the lesson" or find out how we can use the experience as a positive situation, we begin to open our mind and see the true meaning behind every experience.

Struggles in life were not created for us to be punished or to suffer, but the complete opposite. They are there to learn from and become successful and prosperous in life. They were meant for us to heal.

The Creator is NOT sitting next to Moses saying, "Hey Moses! Watch what I lay on Susie next!" as He elbows Moses in the arm and lets out a little giggle. NO! This is not how it works. The Creator wants nothing but greatness for each and every one of us and does not hand us anything that we cannot handle!

He knows that we are strong because He created us in His image. He knows our life from the day that we are born. I mean, we planned it with Him before we entered this world anyway, right?

I sometimes wonder what the hell I was thinking when I sat down and wrote my book of life with Him. Why would I write this life for me? Why would I choose the people that have come into my life?

 I was just 32 years young when I was diagnosed with a progressive and debilitating disease of the nervous system. (RSD/CRPS) I had two young children at the time. I went through the "Why me?" and felt sorry for myself because I was stuck in a wheel chair and felt that everyone else was supposed to take care of me.

But after I became sick and tired of being sick and tired, I started to see how I was my own worst enemy and I had a choice to make. I could sit there and feel sorry for myself and stay in that wheel chair, or I could change the way I was thinking and take my experiences and turn them into something positive.

And again...Not everyone has the option to get up physically out of that wheel chair, but there is a choice on how we think and what we do with our life experiences.

We could be a catalyst for change and become an inspiration for others that are experiencing the same things in life. No, they may not be the exact same experiences... but they all go back to the same thing which we all seek in life... which is happiness and love.

When we stop saying, "I just want to be the old me again" which I have said many times... We begin to see what new things are ready to come into our lives. They can only come into our lives if we make room and allow it to come into our lives. So how do we make room for the new? We release the old. Let go of what you feel you no longer can do or "the old you" and re-create your life with "the new you".

Stop looking and what you CAN NOT DO... and start looking at what YOU CAN DO!

 I pray that you will find the answers to the questions and release the negative emotions that lie deep and dormant within your subconscious mind. When we suppress emotions from experiences in our past and do not confront them and release them, they tend to come out in other physical, emotional or mental forms. This is where the 4 "F"s come into play...

1. Find it: If we don't know there is a problem, we won't fix it. We need to dig deep and find what is hindering us from moving forward in life as well as what keeps us encircling in the same negative patterns. So the first thing to do is "FIND" what the issue is.

2. Face it: Facing our fears face to face is not easy. It takes courage. But when we finally do come face to face with what ails us and remove the mask of the ego, we become aware of what is going on behind the scenes. When we start taking responsibility for our own actions, we are able to move forward to the next step which is FEEL IT.

3. Feel it : Feeling it comes after we are able to face what bothers us. Whether it be a person that has hurt you, a place that reminds you of something bad, or something that holds memories.. they must be released. When we are finally able to FEEL the emotions behind the mask, we are able to forgive those who have hurt us and true healing begins.

4. Free it: Forgiveness is the key. When we have completely forgiven those who have hurt us and release or "FREE" the emotion attached to the experience, we are "free" to live our passion and purpose in life which is what we enjoy and love to do.

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